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We are specialists in the installation and modification of: 

• new and existing air conditioning systems; 

• new stand-alone systems;

• chilled water systems;

• water-cooled systems; and 

• computer and data room air conditioning.

We also provide design and construct (D&C) services to create efficient air conditioning outcomes in a cost-effective way.

Wild Air holds unlimited design BSA licences and have been involved in the design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of the following recent projects:

• Queensland Eye Clinic 

• Hume Street Church of Christ – Toowoomba 

• Visypac – Heatonwood 

• National Polystyrene Systems 

• Norman Reach Apartments, Houses & Villas

Wild Air has expertise in an extensive range of commercial and industrial ventilation installations where specialised filtration, ventilation, and control systems are required.

We offer in-house design of ventilation systems in accordance with the applicable codes and standards, and certification is available when required.

Ventilation systems that we specialise in, but are not limited to, include:

• Toilet Exhaust Systems
• Fume Cupboard/Extraction Systems
• Smoke Exhaust & Stairwell Pressurisation
• Factory / Carpark Ventilation
• Fresh Air Systems
• Industrial exhaust systems
• Constant velocity HEPA filtration systems
• Ventilation duct and equipment cleaning and sterilising

When it comes to mechanical services installations, good commissioning is just as important as good design, and any installation is only as reliable as its commissioning.

Wild Air Conditioning engages only the highest quality commissioning teams whose attention to detail is second to none.

In addition, we offer diagnosis and rectification for systems that are not performing as planned. Following a range of tests using certified and calibrated instruments to pinpoint the problem/s, our technicians provide a written report outlining fault analysis and rectification solutions.

Our installation work is covered by a 12 months parts and labour warranty. This provides our customers with the peace of mind that only comes from using quality products and services.

We hold numerous and varying service contracts and provide all our customers with:

• A scheduled preventative maintenance program to keep all equipment running at peak performance and optimum efficiency;

• A 24-hour call out breakdown service in case of emergency.

We offer a complete electrical installation with every mechanical services installation.

Wild Air offers an array of Engineering Services, including:
• Computer Aided Drafting
• Heat Load Calculations
• Plant and equipment sizing
• Ductwork design & manufacture
• System design & Acoustics
• Project Management
Via our partnerships with a wide range of consulting engineers, we provide certification of all design work. Our team can supply all the engineering requirements associated with the supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of any air conditioning and ventilation project.

In consultation with industry experts, we provide specialist services in the removal and disposal of air conditioning heater banks that contain asbestos.