Our Promise

When engaging Wild Air, we regard the following as paramount to the delivery of a successful project and service offering, and we believe the following are the points that differentiate us from our competitors:

• Open and continuous communication with all stakeholder of our business

• Commitment to quality, flexibility and innovative solutions

• Trustworthiness and integrity of our workforce

• Quality, Safety, and Environmental systems and procedures

• Proven and extensive track record and industry experience

Below are the eight factors of our business that we strive for excellence in, and will, therefore, reflect on our finished product, adding further value to any installation or service works that Wild Air perform.

Our Service
We believe that service beyond expectation is paramount. We’re driven by our strong belief in the importance of communication, at each stage of every project. We provide accurate and timely information, design specifications, tender pricing, design alternatives/options, and service/maintenance schedules to suit each customer.

We believe we understand what our customers are looking for from their sub-contract team, and we know that we can meet – and exceed – their needs at every opportunity. A proactive culture allows Wild staff to identify possible shortfalls and problems allowing our clients to address with these in the design/maintenance stage to any works, rather than lose time and/or money in later stages of a project, or expensive equipment breakdowns.

Our Customers
To meet and then exceed our customers’ expectations is our biggest priority.

Our Construction and Service divisions have an extensive list of long-term customers and work to continuously improve these relationships, which have been built on integrity, trust, and reliability.
We’re proud of our relationships, but we will never take them for granted. Happy customers (and employees) are the keys to our continued success.

Our Products
We have aligned ourselves with quality material suppliers and installers, to confidently offer our customers a guarantee of quality and consistency. We will not recommend or supply inferior products or equipment.

Standard items, special orders or made-to-order products are guaranteed to operate to full design specifications, and will all be serviced under our normal warranty maintenance period.

Our Experience
Wild Air has been in business in for over two decades, and our talented employee pool has a combined experience of more than 125 years in the industry. We have a proven, extensive track record in the industry, and we believe that this, together with our passion, commitment, and integrity, sets us apart from our competitors.

Our Structure
Having a flat organisational structure gives Wild Air the flexibility, responsiveness and a value proposition that enables us to continuously adapt to market conditions and customer requirements. The empowering of key employees in this structure means that you can deal directly with the one touch point for most matters and allows all communication channels to be open and the supply of information to be accurate.

Our Commitment to Safety
Our commitment to the safety of our employees, contractors, customers, fellow site workers, and the general public is unwavering. Our Workplace Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) covers all sectors of the business, and this user-friendly information is freely available in hard and soft copy formats. It complies with Australian Standards 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, and identifies how we provide:
• A safe system of work;
• Instruction and training for all personnel;
• Supervision of personnel to ensure compliance;
• Performance management; and
• Both internal and external auditing.

The WHSMS is supported and endorsed by our Workplace Health and Safety Committee, which in turn oversees all regular employee training and internal auditing. All results arising from these processes are recorded and submitted to the company as part of our ongoing risk management strategy, and for corrective action where necessary.

Safety Plans for both Principal Contractors and Sub-Contractors are also available and are used as a resource for Project Managers in determining appropriate risk management controls.

Our Environmental Duty of Care
Wild Air has a genuine commitment to the environment, and that’s why environmental management is a fundamental aspect of our business.

We continue to investigate ways to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, and we are committed to continuous improvement in our environmental duty of care. By reducing waste and pollution; by complying with environmental laws and regulations; and by continually increasing our recycling practices, we minimise the impact on the communities in which we operate.

Our Environmental Management System contains clear guidelines and objectives on how we can protect our natural capital and avoid potential damage to the environment.

We meet our environmental goals by ensuring that:
• Our people understand and share our commitment, and they have the knowledge and resources necessary to implement our policies;
• Our operations, activities, and services comply with the Australian Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Acts; meet the requirements of ISO 14001, and other industry best-practice codes and standards relevant to our business;
• Our suppliers, stockists, and subcontractors understand and comply with our environmental policy;
• We communicate openly and constructively with relevant authorities and the general community to sensitively meet our need for growth with our commitment to the environment.
We will continue to monitor and evaluate our environmental performance in order to identify areas for improvement.

Our Quality Assurance
The Wild Air Conditioning Quality Management System (QMS) was first developed in 1992 and has been reviewed continually since. SAI Global audited it for compliance to ISO9001 in July 2017. All employees are trained and audited for compliance against our QMS.

As a minimum, we comply with all relevant Australian Standards, codes of practice and other advisory standards, specifically:
a) ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems
b) ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems
c) AS/NZS ISO 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

In addition, we have developed strict standards of quality control throughout our operations. These standards apply across all tenders, contracts, and orders, to ensure that customer requirements are clearly defined, documented and fully understood, and that Wild Air Conditioning has the capability, equipment, manpower, and resources to satisfy all specified requirements.

Our service delivery representatives have clearly defined responsibilities and accountabilities which are documented within our QMS. A Foreperson is appointed to each project, based on skills and experience in the industry, and his or her ability to solve problems and communicate clearly with our team and our customers’ team. Each Foreperson has graduated from our Customer Care Program.